Our aims and objectives

The objectives of Self-Directed Support Network South Lanarkshire are:

To promote better outcomes for individuals;
To provide a strong, credible voice for members and their families which is listened to;
To provide accessible jargon-free information;
To provide support and training;
To provide a supportive environment that ensures and promotes equality;
To raise issues and identify areas of best practice and encourage benchmarking against this best practice.

The Network intend to continue to hold 'roadshows' throughout the South Lanarkshire area during the year with a view to assisting anyone interested in Self-Directed Support to better understand the processes involved and the choices which are now open to everyone in receipt of Social Care.
We will be more than willing to meet with small or large groups, on an informal basis, to pass on information, discuss the four options available to you and to pass on our personal experiences of Self-Directed Support.

If you would like us to meet with your local group or feel it would benefit the wider area, in general, please get in touch with the Network Secretary and we will try to arrange a suitable date and venue.


As a user-led group, the network intends to promote the 4 options of Self-Directed Support in the South Lanarkshire area, raise awareness through participation in local events and local media, recruit more members, train outside agencies, secure funding to meet future business plans and work with the Local Authority but confront them when needed.


SDSNSL is a member of the national campaigning organisation Self-Directed Support Scotland (SDSS). SDSS promotes Independent Living by supporting, working with and championing the aims of Self-Directed Support Organisations, (SDSOs). The Network is also establishing links with other forums, networks and organisations within and out with the South Lanarkshire area.

Consultation Activity

The Network takes an active part in responding to issues that may affect members include responding to local or national consultations.


Anyone looking for assistance or having problems with Self-Directed support is invited to contact the Network. We may be able to advise or signpost.


Regular meetings are held where invited Speakers will discuss and provide information on a range of topics that may be of benefit to or might affect recipients. Members are welcome to attend all Management Committee meetings.


The Network acknowledges and thanks the under noted organisations for their very generous sponsorship. Hugh Fraser Foundation: Foundation Scotland (Express Grants Scheme): Misses Barrie Charitable Trust: Row Fogo Charitable Trust: National Lottery Awards for All: South Lanarkshire Council (Community Grants) YPI Scotland