What the ‘Four Funding Choices’ mean for you when using Self-Directed Support

Before choosing which option you should have an idea of your budget which has been agreed to be given to you to meet the support needs identified during the Assessment which you, your family and Lead Professional completed during the first stage of your Self Directed Support Journey.

In the following pages, we intend to provide you with more detailed information on the funding choices to help you make good choices to help you live the life you choose! Your Family, a Guardian or Legal Attorney with the legal powers to make decisions on your behalf may also help you choose from the funding options.

So, what are the four funding choices and what do you need to know in choosing one or more? Here are the Four Options.

Option 1 – A Direct Payment

If you choose Option 1, this will give you the greatest level of flexibility from the four funding choices offered, but it also carries with it the greatest level of responsibility on your part.

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Option 2 – An Individual Service Fund (ISF)

The ISF offers choice and flexibility, but not as much responsibility as a Direct Payment.

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Option 3 – Virtual Budget (Council Arranged Services)

Option 3 is the ’traditional’ way of organising and managing social care.

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Option 4 – A Mixture of Options, 1, 2 and 3

Option 4 gives you the opportunity to ‘mix and match’ funding choices

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