Option 4 – A Mixture of Options, 1, 2 and 3

Option 4 gives you the opportunity to ‘mix and match’ funding choices.

You could choose to divide your budget up and use some of it for a Direct Payment, some of it on a service/agency not traditionally contracted by the Council (in using Option 2) and you may also want to access a Council arranged service such as day care (Option 3). Some people may choose to use just two options such as employing a Personal Assistant through a Direct Payment (option 1) and to access Council arranged services.

What is involved in this Funding Choice?

This list outlines some of the considerations for you:

  • This funding choice offers you the flexibility to mix and match so with this comes a greater level of flexibility and some responsibility.
  • Your Lead Professional will still monitor and review your care needs but depending on which options you choose, their input may be less frequent if you have chosen to take on more responsibility for managing your care needs.
  • The option to mix and match may suit you if you have fluctuating care needs.

Further Information

Peer support is available through: Self-Directed Support Network (S. Lanarkshire) 07503 246288 email at: secretary@sdsnet.org.uk.

You may find it useful to speak to others who have used one or more of the Four Funding Choices themselves.

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