Option 3 – Virtual Budget (Council Arranged Services)

Option 3 is the ’traditional’ way of organising and managing social care.

If you would prefer for the Council to arrange your care within the budget you have, then this option might be the one you choose. This option offers you less choice and control in relation to your how your care is provided and by whom though your wishes and preferences will be respected.

What is involved in this Funding Choice?

This list outlines some of the considerations for you:

  • Your Lead Professional will arrange for a Care Provider to meet your assessed, eligible needs.
  • They will ensure that the service starts for you as soon as possible, and will review and monitor how the service is meeting your needs by keeping in touch and asking for your views on this.
  • If you wish to make any changes to the service, you will need to contact Social Work Resources to do so.
  • You cannot employ your own staff (such as a Personal Assistant) in choosing this option; the Council only contracts with agencies and those who have tendered for business.
  • Council services such as day care and short breaks/respite can be accessed as usual using this option.
  • You may not have much flexibility with the times that Care Providers can offer you.
  • Council arranged services will generally be delivered by agencies within South Lanarkshire; there is less scope to be supported by agencies in other Authority areas.
  • The care offered through option 3 will generally remain the same each week unless there is a significant change in your care needs.

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