Option 2 – An Individual Service Fund (ISF)

The ISF offers choice and flexibility, but not as much responsibility as a Direct Payment.

It does let you decide how your care and support is to be provided but the sum of money for your Support Needs may be held by a care provider of your choice or it can be held by the Council. However, it is up to you to direct how the money is spent as long as this is in line with your Assessed Support Needs and Agreed Outcomes.

What is involved in this Funding Choice?

This list outlines some of the considerations for you:

  • An Individual Service Fund (ISF) cannot be used to employ a Personal Assistant but it can be used to purchase a service.
  • You will not physically be paid the sum of money for your care and support needs as you would with a Direct Payment.
  • You will not have any employer responsibilities using an ISF; but less control than a Direct Payment.
  • As with the Direct Payment, the money may be used to purchase equipment or a short-break/respite.
  • The money should meet your Assessed Support Needs and the Agreed Outcomes you want to achieve.
  • The ISF opens up opportunities for new care providers to be accessed; so you may choose a Provider not previously contracted to offer support to residents within South Lanarkshire.
  • You can choose more than one Care Provider to support you; your budget can be split across the providers.
  • You can choose from a range of Providers; their rates and/or availability when you need them may influence what one you finally choose.
  • You may want to negotiate with Providers; what they can offer will be determined by their own regulations.
  • You will be able to agree the times of visits and the length of time the visits/support will last with the Provider.
  • The Council will invite Providers not registered with the Care Inspectorate or other authorised regulators to register if providing care and support to you.
  • It is crucial that you have as much choice and control as you wish in relation to managing the ISF and a three-way agreement between you, the Council and a care provider (if you are using one) will be discussed and written to make sure that you are the one directing how your support is delivered.
  • When you are happy with the care and support arrangements proposed, the Council will formalise the process with the Provider(s) and the service can start.
  • Part of the process will be to determine who holds the budget (eg, the Council or the provider you have chosen if there is one).
  • The Council will monitor and review the ISF.
  • If you have fluctuating needs (some days/weeks you find you need less support) this option may suit you as the care provided can be adjusted in line with your needs.

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